Civility in America Volume II: New Essays from America's Thought Leaders by Robert L. Dilenschneider

Civility in America Volume II

Civility in America Volume II
New Essays from America's Thought Leaders
Published by Significance Press
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As civility appears to crumble around us and our society, people are thinking seriously about how they contribute to decorum, respect and courtesy in their work and in their lives. They are asking themselves if they do enough, and they are seeking a forward-looking answer that means civility will be better served tomorrow than today, and even better the day after. Such thought and resolve are major steps in assuring that civility remains one of our core values, and that we always advance its cause in our words and deeds. The 12 distinguished, successful people who have shared their views with the world in this book foster civility in the course of their daily interactions. They are leaders who set the bar high for us all.

Paperback | 148 pages | $6.99 USD | 6 x 0.3 x 9 inches | 978-0990757450 | February 20, 2015