“Dilenschneider has brilliantly selected, studied and culled lessons from some of the most remarkable decision making processes the world has ever known. The applications for which are virtually endless and transcending industry or trade. If, like me, you have a bit of the “Libra syndrome” that leaves you voting for all sides of the debate, you’d do yourself a huge favor by taking this book in and absorbing the timeless wisdom it offers. ”

“A fascinating collection of sketches whose stories will get the reader to think...Decisions reminded this reviewer of President Kennedy's Profiles in Courage.”
English Plus Language Blog

“Add this fascinating and instructional book to your must-read list for 2020.”
Eric Jacobson on Management and Leadership

“I am deeply grateful to Robert Dilenschneider for the wealth of information, insights, and counsel he provides in this uniquely informative examination of multi-dimensional leadership.”
Robert Morris, Amazon's Hall of Fame Top 500 Reviewer

“This is a valuable book. I think that it needs to be handed to people at important points in their lives.”
The Cyber Librarian

"Probably the most pressing decision you have right now is whether you should read Decisions. I highly recommend that you do so."
Wall Street News Network

"This is a very informative and thoughtful book. Readers can take information in this book and apply it to every day life to make more thoughtful decisions.”
Cheryl’s Book Nook