“For graduate students to corporate professionals alike, “The Ultimate Guide to Power & Influence” is an essential guide to charting the ever-changing waters of the business world with imagination, competence, and grace.”
Delphi Forums

"The strength of the book lies in the many first-hand examples the author recounts through stories of well-known people he has personally worked with.  The message is quite simple, but the stories are entertaining and illuminating.  The book is an easy read, packed full of inspiring stories that underpin the main points.  Author Robert Dilenschneider convincingly shows that it is possible to be successful while remaining a good person.”
Network DataPedia

“Deftly crafted and thoroughly 'reader friendly' in style, organization, and presentation, The Ultimate Guide to Power & Influence: Everything You Need to Know is an ideal DIY combination of instructional guide and 'how-to' manual for readers with an interest in personal finance, business ethics, globalization, self-improvement, and corporate success. It should be noted for the personal reading lists of MBA students, academia, business management, corporate executives, and non-specialist general readers with an interest in the subject that The Ultimate Guide to Power & Influence: Everything You Need to Know is also available in a digital book format.”  
– Midwest Book Review

“Through the years, I’ve featured four books on my blog by Robert L. Dilenschneider. His books are that good. Today, I highlight his newest title, The Ultimate Guide to Power & Influence, a Wall Street Journal Bestseller and has also been on the USA Today bestseller list.” 
– Eric Jacobson on Management and Leadership

“One of the great values of this book is that Dilenschneider's skillful use of direct address almost immediately establishes rapport with his reader. I felt as if he had written this book specifically for me. He seems to be saying, "Here's what I've learned from others. as well as from my own experiences It may be of some value to you. Worth thinking about." Dilenschneider correctly stresses the importance of developing specific skills as well as a positive attitude.”
– Bob Morris

The Ultimate Guide to Power & Influence is an extremely useful guide that helps readers navigate the ever-changing landscape of business as well as their professional and private lives. It is a must-read for readers interested in business, economics, and ethics for personal and professional development.”
SA Examiner

“Wonderful review where the blogger compares your book to the classic Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People, and say: "If you want to be the best leader, bring out the best in those around you. This book shows you how in a surprisingly easy to digest form. And, of course, it includes things like emailing and social media and other things that did not exist when Mr. Carnegie was flourishing. If Dilenschneider were not so busy consulting and writing, perhaps he could start his own course."
James Bair

“Change is the overall theme in “The Ultimate Guide to Power & Influence.” The first two sentences in the Introduction immediately draw you in: “You have a choice. Keep doing what you did yesterday or adapt to a world that is changing everyday.” Indeed, the business world is constantly changing and we must adapt to keep up, especially in a post-COVID world. 

Robert Dilenschneider has the experience, knowledge, and authority to help readers acquire and amplify their power; from graduate students to corporate professionals. Despite the topic of business, the language is easy to understand and follow because it contains practical advice for career and personal life. He shares inspirational stories to highlight the point he is making because stories make more of an impact than facts and figures ever could. His books are helpful and relevant because he adjusts his message to reflect the changing times and everyone can benefit from his advice, and this one is no exception. 

Highlights include Chapter 2: Networking, which stresses the importance of networking not only in your select field of work, but also in reaching out to contacts outside of your circle; and Chapter 7: The Right Way to Make Your Mistakes, teaches the right way to approach making mistakes: “With humility and perseverance, we move forward and improve” – lesson learned: the biggest mistake is failure to LEARN from our mistakes. “The Ultimate Guide to Power & Influence” is an extremely useful guide that helps readers navigate the ever-changing landscape of business and their professional and private lives. It is a must-read for readers interested in business, economic, and ethics for personal and professional development. “If there are absolutely no mistakes in a company, then no one is taking a risk, and innovation will atrophy.”
SA Examiner 


"The Public Relations Handbook is an invaluable resource, not only for PR practitioners, but also for the executives that work with them. While no book can teach the lessons that can only come from experience, this handbook provides an excellent introduction to each of the key disciplines within the field. For those of us that have or will work with professional communicators, The Public Relations Handbook will help us work better with our partners towards the same goals. For PR practitioners, this handbook will tell you what you need to know to get far enough into a new sub-discipline to start gaining the experiences that will truly make you a pro.”
Clear Purpose

“As news, information, and disinformation rocket around the world in seconds, it’s critical for companies of all sizes to know how to shape the narrative and maintain as much control as needed. It’s not easy. But The Public Relations Handbook does a fine job of putting the pieces together."

"I found this book to be invaluable."
We Break for Books

"This handbook is very comprehensive and needs to sit in any significant organization’s library to pull out in time of need.”
What Do You Want to Read Blog 

"If you are involved in PR as a small business owner or if you are in charge of public relations for a large organization, The Public Relations Handbook is for you.” 
Wall Street News Network

"With each chapter focused on a specific aspect, The Public Relations Handbook lives up to its name. Indeed, it would be easy to imagine this book being used in an introductory college class on public relations. It covers a lot of ground. It puts a lot of things into perspective for the PR professional and for others who find they have to work with the public, the government, or the various media out there.”
English Plus Language Blog


"In a few months, hundreds of thousands of young people will graduate from schools, colleges, and universities. This book would be an appropriate gift of incalculable value. Meanwhile, most — if not all — of countless business executives — with direct reports entrusted to the care — have already encountered eager beavers who need encouragement as they struggle with various challenges. This would also be an appropriate gift of substantial value for them. Moreover, I think that Nailing It should be included among the assigned readings for corporate and self-directed learning programs that help people to accelerate their personal growth and professional development.”
— Robert Morris, Amazon's Hall of Fame Top 500 Reviewer

"The great part about this book is that it will be a relief to the kids and twenty-somethings who read this, it reinforces that it's OK to not have an idea about what you want to do...It's 246 pages of gentle encouragement for us all, no matter which end of the journey you're on."
— Stranded in Chaos

"This was such an awe inspiring book to see Dilenschneider pick twenty five of the most iconic and brilliant people at age twenty-five and who have already nailed it and have made a difference in our world. I think this book will serve as an inspiration to people of all ages, and most especially for those whose lives are just beginning to encourage positivity, especially in this new world we are living in.⁣”
Nurse Bookie

"This book will remind readers that it is never too late to make an impact. The photo features my oldest daughter, not quite 20. This post is dedicated to her and her sister. I hope they know it's never too late to do great things."
We Break for Books

"By relating to other figures in history, this book’s readers can identify character traits that they can internalize to make a part of themselves. Further, this book can provide launching pads for further discovery in full-length biographies of individuals with strong rapport with a given reader."
— What Do You Want to Read Blog

"This is an inspirational and encouraging read; chase those dreams, and don’t let challenges or failures dissuade you."
Susan Ballard

“Like Decisions, Nailing It might make an appropriate gift for a someone graduating from college. It does not inspire by platitude or slogan but by example."
English Plus Language Blog


“Dilenschneider has brilliantly selected, studied and culled lessons from some of the most remarkable decision making processes the world has ever known. The applications for which are virtually endless and transcending industry or trade. If, like me, you have a bit of the “Libra syndrome” that leaves you voting for all sides of the debate, you’d do yourself a huge favor by taking this book in and absorbing the timeless wisdom it offers. ”

“A fascinating collection of sketches whose stories will get the reader to think...Decisions reminded this reviewer of President Kennedy's Profiles in Courage.”
English Plus Language Blog

“Add this fascinating and instructional book to your must-read list for 2020.”
Eric Jacobson on Management and Leadership

“I am deeply grateful to Robert Dilenschneider for the wealth of information, insights, and counsel he provides in this uniquely informative examination of multi-dimensional leadership.”
Robert Morris, Amazon's Hall of Fame Top 500 Reviewer

“This is a valuable book. I think that it needs to be handed to people at important points in their lives.”
The Cyber Librarian

"Probably the most pressing decision you have right now is whether you should read Decisions. I highly recommend that you do so."
Wall Street News Network

"This is a very informative and thoughtful book. Readers can take information in this book and apply it to every day life to make more thoughtful decisions.”
Cheryl’s Book Nook