Books by Robert L. Dilenschneider

The Public Relations Handbook
SKU: 9781637740613

It is no longer enough for public relations professionals to be great at writing press releases or terrific at establishing media contacts. Today and in the future, all professionals must understand how their skills dovetail with those of other professionals.

The Public Relations Handbook contains valuable guidance for navigating the 2020s and beyond, answering for public relations professionals questions.
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Nailing It
SKU: 9780806541754

This inspiring and encouraging book from respected consultant Robert L. Dilenschneider provides 25 fascinating and diverse profiles of iconic men and women that show where they were at or near age 25—and how they built their legacies across a range of careers, including the arts, business, science, and government. With a foreword from Ambassador Donald Blinken.

Do you think Albert Einstein had his act together by his mid-20s? Think again. Would you assume style icon and humanitarian Audrey Hepburn’s life was always as beautiful as she was? Far from it. At the other end of the spectrum is the revolutionary Steve Jobs, who was at the top of his game by age 25. But Jobs’s beginnings were marked by his adoption, displacement, bullying, and then a rocky personal life. This absorbing book examines the trajectories of 25 iconic figures—from Toni Morrison to Albert Einstein and Golda Meir to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart—to reveal where they were in their lives in their mid-twenties and the choices that enabled them to make their historic marks.
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SKU: 978-0806540528

Your Future Depends on Your Decisions
As seen on the the public broadcasting program. Sorting out our lives amidst chaos, confusion, and innumerable options is a process we all have in common. The decisions we ultimately make can affect our lives and the lives of others. It’s not always easy. In this empowering guide, an expert in business strategies shares the choices of notable, visionary decision-makers—from Harry Truman and Henry Ford to Marie Curie and Malala Yousafzai—and explains how you can apply their principles to your own personal and professional real-life scenarios.
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50 Plus!
SKU: 978-0806537702

Age Is No Barrier to Success.
The rules of the business world are being rewritten—again—and Americans over 50 need to refresh their skill sets to meet the challenge of competing in a changing job market. Renowned workplace communications expert Robert L. Dilenschneider has completely revised and updated this indispensable guide to getting ahead in today’s volatile economy.
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Civility in America Volume II
SKU: 978-0990757450

As civility appears to crumble around us and our society, people are thinking seriously about how they contribute to decorum, respect and courtesy in their work and in their lives.
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The Critical First Years of Your Professional Life
SKU: 978-0806536774

Faced with an unstable economy, recent college grads need more expert guidance than ever to land that dream job and make it rewarding and meaningful. This invaluable guide—revised to meet the specific challenges of today’s fast-evolving job market—shows how you can use your talent, originality, and initiative to sharpen your competitive edge.
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Values for a New Generation
SKU: 978-0988650930

The topic of values among young people has generated as much national attention at the start of the 21st century as it did during the Vietnam era in the 1960s.
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The AMA Handbook of Public Relations
SKU: 978-0814415252

The AMA Handbook of Public Relations is written to help professionals merge their traditional and Web-based campaigns while protecting their clients, companies, and themselves against harmful attention. Based on in-depth interviews and cutting-edge research, the book combines proven PR strategies with up-to-the-minute Web savvy to help readers:
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Power and Influence
SKU: 978-0071489768

Your future is at risk. All the old rules of power and influence have changed.

To succeed you need to understand and embrace the new rules.

Technology and the era of globalization have revolutionized the ways to build, keep, and assure success. To cope with these changes, adapt, and accomplish your goals, you not only must gain power, but apply it with wisdom.

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The Hero's Way
SKU: 978-1932407044

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A Time for Heroes
SKU: 978-1597770002

Crisis can bring out the best in people. In times of trouble and uncertainty, when lesser mortals may feel hobbled by anxiety, a few extraordinary people always rise to the occasion. 
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The Critical 2nd Phase Of Your Professional Life
SKU: 978-1559725095

A guide to surviving in the career marketplace in mid-life discusses job insecurity, technology, shrinking opportunities, and resentment from younger employees, among other important topics.
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The Critical 14 Years of Your Professional Life
SKU: 978-1559723954

Faced with an unstable economy, recent college grads need more expert guidance than ever to land that dream job and make it rewarding and meaningful. This invaluable guide-revised to meet the specific challenges of today's fast-evolving job market-shows how you can use your talent, originality, and initiative to sharpen your competitive edge.
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Moses: Ceo
SKU: 978-1893224025

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A Briefing for Leaders
SKU: 978-0887304675

An exclusive briefing given to the top business and government leaders in this country, by one of the most prestigious communications counselors. Sophisticated strategies, brilliant insights, and well-tested methods are brought to life with actual case studies from companies such as Pepsico, DuPont, and G.D. Searle.
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Power and Influence
SKU: 978-0134640419

The highly acclaimed national bestseller, now in paperback, Power and Influence is an invaluable primer for those already in power and those who desire it. 
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